Visitors who wants to enter the arena:
• must to show ticket or documents granting a right to enter;
• must be checked by Security Operatives and to submit the items for the inspection;
• while going through the turnstile door, people with children up to 6 years old should carry them in their arms.

• pose a hazard to safety;
• do not agree to be checked by Security Operatives;
• are inebriated with alcohol and/or psychoactive substances;
are marked as undesirables by the Organizer and/or the Lessee;
• are suspected of and/or have committed violations of public order, were fined for inappropriate behavior and/or criminal activities on the Žalgirio Arena premises and in its access areas.

• to enter the Arena only upon presentation of tickets or documents granting a right to enter;
• to occupy only those seats in the Arena hall/ stands which are indicated in their tickets or other documents granting a right to enter the arena;
• to use cloakrooms, cafes and other public premises located in the Arena following the order established;
• to smoke in specially designated places and specially marked places of the Arena.

• It’s strictly forbidden to consume alcohol in the hall during the sport events.
• In order to ensure safety, a CCTV system is in operation at the Arena recording Visitors and their actions.
• Visitors of the Arena should conduct themselves in a proper manner so that they do not harm, would not endanger themselves and others, do not disturb or irritate other Visitors.
• Visitors of the Arena must follow the instructions of event organizers, security staff, volunteers, police officers and / or of others authorized persons to ensure the safety and order.
• In case of danger or threats to the security of the event, security staff, police officers and / or other authorized persons to ensure the security and order might request Visitors to change their locations indicated on the ticket or to evacuate from the Arena.
• A ticket or other document giving access to the Arena must be kept by the Visitor before the end of the event.
• The ticket price for the event includes a service fee for the ticket distributor, which is set by the ticket distributor, and an arena fee for the event (the Arena Fee), which is set by the Arena Manager. These fees shall be indicated on the ticketing platform for the specific event taking place in the Arena.
• The administration of the Arena has a right to seize the permits and other documents entitling to access the Arena transferred or sold to other people that do not have a right to use them.
• Arena security personnel have the right to expel or remove individuals from the arena premises during an event if they are intoxicated by alcohol, narcotics, or other intoxicating substances. The amount paid for the ticket(s) will not be refunded.
• Event organizers, security staff, police officers and / or other authorized persons to ensure the security and order reserve a right to remove Visitors who fail to comply with these rules of the Arena. The visitor removed from the Arena will not be refunded for tickets purchased.

• Cloakroom service in the Arena is chargeable service and its cost is 2 € per person per one unit;
• Extra service in cloakroom is possibility to leave other personal items (backpacks, purses and other items excl. clothes) in safety boxes. The service costs is 2 € per safety box;
• After paying cloakroom fee Visitor gets a cashier’s check;
• Cloakroom services are free of charge for Audi club, Ramirent Premium club, VIP Skyboxes visitors and visitors who have purchased VIP services. However, the visitor must present a ticket, accreditation card or other documents that provide the right to enter these sectors of the arena.
• Visitors must obtain a cloakroom tag with a number after leaving their clothes or other items in the cloakroom;
• Only one item could be left on one hanger;
• Personal items of only one person could be left in one safety box;
• In case Visitors loses a cloakroom tag with a number they must immediately inform the cloakroom personnel. A Visitor shall pay full price, i.e. 10 € for the loss of cloakroom tag with a number;
• Visitor that informed about the loss or disappearance of the cloakroom tag with a number can take his clothes back after all visitors leave the Arena. In such case an appropriate document is prepared wherein the loss or disappearance of the cloakroom tag with a number, personal information of the Visitor, payment and return of the visitor’s clothes is confirmed.

• According to the Law of Republic of Lithuania, every Visitor of the Žalgirio Arena revocably agrees that he/she will not make any claims and will not request compensation if his/her voice, the image, the picture will be used for live events at the time of the event in the video using already developed or forthcoming information technologies; also, if the Visitor is recorded or photographed otherwise. This material may be used by the event organizers or third parties indefinitely. Each Visitor waives any rights and actions allowing oppose the above outlined use of the information. Event organizers and their authorized third parties must comply with all laws relating to the use of personal information in the media. These rules apply for all events which take part in the Žalgiris Arena.
• Any audio or video recordings of the concert or the Sporting event, pictures or match result might be recorded and used only for private purposes. It is strictly forbidden to disseminate above mentioned event information to the public, in spite of data transmission mean: the Internet, radio, television, mobile phone etc. already created and yet only future means of communication. It is also prohibited to perform such activity for other people.

• In the Arena it is strictly prohibited for Visitors carry out any commercial, advertising, or promotional activities without the written consent of the Arena Administration and the organizer of the event.;
• It is strictly prohibited to have or offer to buy the food, drinks, souvenirs, clothes, advertisement, attributes etc. without the written consent of the Arena Administration and the organizer of the event. All these commodities might be confiscated.
• Alcoholic beverages are sold to legal entities inside the Arena for entertainment purposes only.


It is forbidden to carry:
• alcoholic beverages, toxic and psychoactive substances, other stimulating substances (except special medical preparations ((insulin and so on ));
• any kinds of weapons, sharp objects, and explosive materials, including items with which a person can cut or jab at other Visitors, also items which can be used for throwing, fling etc;
• fireworks, flare rockets, smoke powder, gas bombs and/or other pyrotechnic;,
• the material or attributes which contain racist, xenophobic, extreme Right-wing politics, nationalist or socialist ideas, sexual discrimination propaganda;
• bottles, cups, and any kind of tin products or other products made from plastic, glass, or any other rigid brittle materials;
• any food or beverage;
• flagpole, with the exception of flexible plastic flagpole, which shall not exceed 1 m in length and 1 cm in diameter;
• flags which are bigger than 2,0 x 1,5 m. Representatives of Fan Club who wish to carry the flag of the Club into the Arena, must obtain a special permission from Organizers;
• all kinds of animals except guide dogs (when coordinated with the organizers);
• gas sprays, irritating and flammable materials, colorants; containers which contain quickly flammable materials as well as materials detrimental to human health;
• oversized items (ladders, chairs, boxes, large bags, rucksacks, suitcases, sports bags and etc.). Over sized item– any object, which is bigger than 25x25x25 cm and cannot be held under the chair of the Arena;;
• large quantities of paper and rolls of paper;
• mechanically operated sound-emitting devices (compressed air trumpets etc.), speakers, megaphones, air horns, trumpets and other wind instruments, drones and other remotely controlled devices;
• devices with laser gadgets, electric torches, selfmade light emitting devices and equipment;
• radio receivers;
• laptops and / or other devices, which might be used for the dissemination of information through the other media;
• other objects capable of causing hazard to the security of the event and those around (spray deodorants, perfume bottles, umbrellas, pillows or other items containing feathers and so on);
• all other items which were found by police officers, security service personnel and / or others authorized person and might cause hazard to the security of the event and the Visitors;
• organizers of the events separately determine the conditions of prohibited items that participant of the event, media representatives, companies who serves the event, Arena’s staff are carrying into the Arena and their checking procedures. These conditions apply for participants of the events, media representatives, event serving companies and Arena personnel;
• a list of prohibited items may be supplemented in accordance with the requests of organizers of the events.

In the Arena it is prohibited:
• to throw any items onto the platform, hall, basketball court, or disturb the normal course of events otherwise;
• to start fires, fireworks, rockets, smoke powders, or bombs or other pyrotechnics;
• any commercial / advertising content or harmful, aggressive campaigning, political, racist or religious posters, clothing, etc.;
• to behave in a non-culturally acceptable manner; discriminate or offend other Visitors, personnel etc.;
• to harm or cause hazard to one’s own safety, health, and life and that of other Visitors;
• to climb onto not intended constructions and equipment (facades, floors, walls, fences, barriers, lampposts, camera platforms, roofs etc.);
• at the time of a Sporting Event, walk on the basketball court, ring, or other areas arranged for the participants of the Event;
• to enter service premises, participants’ changing rooms, and other Arena premises off limits to the Visitors;
• to impede or limit entry or egress for, Personnel, other Visitors, and Participants;
• to draw, write, or attach any elements to chairs, walls, railings, and other equipment and structures of the Arena;
• to climb on top of chairs and/or their frames, fences;
• to litter within the Arena.


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