Before visiting event at Zalgirio arena please get to know to arena’s regulations, published on 18th March, 2013. If you have any remarks please contact us by e-mail

Feel free to find out more about arena and use all of it’s services. We remind you that doors are opened 1.5-2 hours before the event, so we encourage you to come earlier and have a good time before the event! The first hour after doors opening is announced as Happy Hour when you can get snacks at snack bars and Bar 11 paying 30 % less.

In the zero floor of arena SALA restaurant is waiting to serve you. You can find BOSCA amphitheatre, the exhibition area next to it and the VIP room in the zero floor as well.

In the zero floor you can find cloakroom, where you can leave your coat or jacket and your other personal belongings could be put into the safety box. Cloakroom service price is 1.5 €, safety box rent price is 2 €.

You will get to the first floor going through the main entrance of the arena. From here you can reach 101-136 sectors, visit Bar 11, other different bars, cafes and bistros. You will find Audi VIP club with separate bars, free cloakroom, WC and outside terrace and also Ramirent Premium club with lounge zone, separate bar and free cloakroom.

In the second floor you will find VIP skyboxes and Hennessy cognac bar.

In the third floor you will get to 301-344 sectors, there are snack bars in the halls.

All information about services at Zalgirio arena: click here


  • 2016: 31st of May

    The third million of spectators have visited Zalgiris Arena

  • 2016: 20th of April

    The biggest outdoor LED screen on arena's facade was presented. The screen functions not only as a title, but advertising space too

  • 2015: 5th of December

    Lithuanian band SEL increased record of the biggest concert (belonged to themselves) and attracted 20 517 spectators

  • 2015: 21st of August

    Arena became the first BREEAM certified sports arena in the world

  • 2014: 6th of December

    The first 360 degrees stage concert has taken place, Lithuanian band SEL has attracted 20 000 spectators to the arena, making it the biggest event so far

  • 2014: 2nd of November

    The second million of spectators have visited Zalgiris Arena

  • 2014: 27th of September

    The 70th aniversary of Zalgiris Kaunas has been celebrated

  • 2012: 28th of October

    The first million of spectators have visited Zalgiris Arena

  • 2011: December

    Arena has won the prize for the best sports infrasturcture project, in sports management awards

  • 2011: 18th of August

    Arena has been officially opened

  • 2010: 18th of March

    Arena has been named – Kaunas Žalgirio Arena

  • 2010: 18th of January

    The consession contract of Kaunas Arena has been signed

  • 2008: 26th of September

    The building of the Arena has started

  • 2008: August

    After the competition for the contractor, „Vetruna“ has won

  • 2004

    After long debated the arena has been chosen to be Nemunas Island

  • 1998

    Mucipality of Kaunas started working with the architect Eugenijus Miliunas, who was nominated to project the new arena plans in Kalnieciu park, because the Sports Hall where Zalgiris used to play in was too small according to Euroleague bylaws. However, after the financial disruption the Kalnieciu park area has been dropped and the search for the new area has started

Arena in numbers:

The general area: 40 000 m2.

Sports events:  from 12 300 to 15 688 spectators (basketball – up to 15 552)

Concerts: from 2574 to 20 000 spectators

Circue shows: up to 15 400

Events during the year: average of 110 events, up to 600 000 visitors

Arena has the biggest video cube in Baltic countries and Scandinavian region, built in the ceiling of the main hall. One of the screens is – 21,5 m2

All around the main hall in arena 262 meters long LED screen is mounted

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