Yet another policy of Zalgirio Arena is the strong focus on health. Including the health of visitors, tenants and staff of the Arena.

  • The safe work environment. Zalgirio Arena assures all the employees and tentants to have a highest quality work environment. This way protecting the health of the staff.
  • Quality of water and air. Every year the building has different check-ups for the water quality to ensure the drinking water quality. The fresh air in the arena is ensured by the air ventilating systems installed.
  • Physical activity. The Arena employees and tentants are encouraged to arrive to work or events by feet, public transport or by bike. Especially for bikes there are holders made to secure it and it is also in plans to increse the number of holders so it can accomodate more bikes. There is also a fitness centre Lemon Gym within Zalgirio Arena, it allows the employees guests and club members to enjoy the healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Zalgirio Arena is in the middle of hte city, next to the Nemunas river, in the island. There is a park next to the Arena and it allows it to be seperated from the business of the city.

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