One of the policies for Žalgirio arena is aiming for the low usage of water, heating, and electricity in the arena. This way trying to achieve a smaller negative impact for the environment. The main policies for energetics:

  • Constant energetics audit. In 2015 a detailed audit took place to measure the energy usage in the arena. There were no shortfalls found, only noted the details on the improvement projects that are already in place. Constant energetics audit is being made and improvements of the system are being projected depending on the brand-new technologies.
  • Minimizing electricity, water and heating energy usage. In Žalgirio arena an electricity management system is implemented, which enables to save 200.000 kWh electricity and 100.000 kWh heating consumption. The water saving supplies are implemented in order to save the water. Arena minimized the usage of heating, it was achieved by implementing innovative heating system as well as making the arena airtight. During the year of 2017 heating/cooling system was renovated, by implementing hydro accumulation tank, which enables to heat/cool separate zones in arena which are being used at the exact moment. This helped to lower cooling costs enormously.
  • Renewable energy sources. At the moment 110 kW solar electricity system is projected on the roof of Žalgirio arena, which will enable to lower usage of electric energy, provided from the city. It will help significantly lower the electricity costs and make a positive input to lowering CO2 output to the environment. It is being expected that funding from European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) programme will make this project a reality.

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