Forbidden Love. PREMIERE!: The musical “TRISTANAS and IZOLDA”


Their love blew free like a sea breeze.

And caught suddenly like a summer storm.

Their love did not choose the easy way,

And so it endured forever and became a legend.

The producers of the musicals “The Serpent Queen” and “The Legend of Sigismund Augustus and Barbora Radvilaite” present a new Lithuanian musical “Tristan and Isolde/Uzdrausta meile”.

The Lithuanian team has created an all-Lithuanian production based on the world-famous legend for the big stage.

The premiere of Tristan und Isolde/Uzdrausta meile (Tristan and Isolde/Forbidden Love) will take place this December in the biggest arenas in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys and Klaipėda. The arena production will feature a specially designed set for large venues, surround sound, a light spectacle and never-before-seen special effects that will create a highly realistic and immersive experience for the audience.

The leading roles in the new musical are played by professionals of the genre – Karina Krysko (Isolde) and Jeronimas Milius (Tristan). “Tristan und Isolde is a very mature work, reflecting a very wide range of emotions: strong and unadulterated love, honourable duty, dark social prejudices, and boundless sacrifice. Many of these feelings, which burned centuries ago, we can identify with today. The forbidden love story of Tristan and Isolde has not only become a Celtic legend of stunning beauty, but is still relevant to those who love fiercely,” say Karina and Jeronimas in the lead roles.

Kostas Smoriginas, who directed the latest version of the rock opera “Jurate and Kastytis”, which received enormous interest and excellent reviews, is directing the new big-budget musical. In the new musical, we will also see him on stage in the role of King Mark of Cornwall (England).

Dainotas Varnas (Friar Tomas), Iglė Bernotaitytė (Isolde’s maid Branganė), Tadas Juodsnukis (the Irish knight Conor). The dancing is performed by a troupe of dancers under the direction of choreographer Donatas Bakeys. Set and costume designer is Kotryna Daujotaitė. Composer – Stanislavas Stavickis, libretto – Ieva Narkutė.

“Tristan und Isolde is the world-famous 12th century Celtic legend that inspired the love story of Romeo and Juliet.

Isolde is an Irish princess who is destined to become the wife of King Mark of Cornwall. Tristan is a young knight who serves the king faithfully. Loving his wife is tantamount to treason.

But Tristan cannot resist the overwhelming feeling that strikes him like a bolt of lightning when he sees Isolde. The princess is also filled with passionate love for the young knight. She is not deterred by their age difference (Isolde is older than her lover), by their social status (Isolde is noble, Tristan is poor), or by moral norms (a married woman is strictly forbidden from loving anyone other than her husband, a servant is not allowed to even look at the king’s wife).

Both realise the danger to their love. But the feeling that has come over them is so powerful that neither has the will or the strength to resist. Forbidden love becomes unstoppable. Isolde, with the help of her maid, Branagan, finds a way to meet Tristan secretly. Love that was once purely spiritual becomes also carnal.

Passion overwhelms common sense, but the premonition of disaster does not go away either. They realise that such a relationship is doomed to tragedy. And it comes even sooner than expected: a rumour spreads in Ireland that their Princess Isolde is not properly respected in England. She is not only the King’s wife, but also the concubine of an uncivil knight. The furious Irish attack England to defend the Princess’s honour, and a tragic finale becomes inevitable.

Although Tristan and Isolde’s love cannot boast a “long and happy” life, their story has become a symbol of love stronger than death throughout the ages. It is a love that comes unexpectedly, uncontrollably, regardless of age, social status or social norms. This is the love celebrated by the troubadours of the 12th century and still familiar today.

Not a few of us can admit to ourselves that we have once experienced “forbidden love”. Watching the musical, we will silently remember it. It may not have been happy, it may not have been mutual, it may not have been destined to become a reality, but the knowledge that feeling can be stronger than common sense has been in our consciousness since the time of Tristan and Isolde.

Information about the event


Zalgirio Arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue 50, Kaunas


2023-12-29, 19:00

Doors open

at 17:30


~1 hour 20 min.


No free admission


No free admission

Photo and video cameras

Only allowed with non-professional equipment


Nuo 35,00 EUR; bilietų platintojo mokestis: 1,50 EUR, arenos mokestis: 2,50 EUR. Į kainą neįskaičiuota: daiktų saugojimo paslauga (2 EUR)

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