Nuepiko: The premiere of the dance performance NOWHERE BUT HERE. Amphitheatre



We live in strange times. In the uncertainty of modern man. Skillfully juggling roles, jobs, opinions, wandering between memories and premonitions of the future, drowning in an irretrievably dictated and image-soaked existence, we experience our own limits more and more painfully, and we get lost more and more often as we approach strangers’ boundary marks. It is not until we are halfway through our “life”, in the inevitable confrontation with ourselves and the chaos of our environment, that we begin to search for the meaning of our existence.

Inspired by today’s overwhelming existential anxiety, the dancers of the Nuepiko company – Marius Pinigis, Adrian Carlo Bibiano, Andrius Stakelė and Arūnas Mozūraitis – embark on a journey into the inner hells of self-discovery in the performance Nowhere But Not Here. In the performance, the creators suggestively rethink human nature and try to slip off the 21st century Platonic cliff, to cross the horizon and find themselves where the impossible is, where they have never been before. At the centre of the artistic gaze of the creators, in a kind of limbo state – between past and future, reality and fiction – is a man trapped in an attempt to find answers to the fundamental and enduring existential questions: who am I and where am I going?

Persons under 18 years of age are not admitted.

Marius Pinigis, co-founder of the company, dancer, winner of the Golden Stage Cross, says that the idea of the performance was born in the face of a pandemic, when the world is experiencing an unusual stagnation, and each of us spends more and more time at home, disconnected from the environment. There was a desire to rethink the social roles we take on every day, to look at the invisible or usually unseen side of ourselves, to explore our personal relationship with the other and the inner identity that unfolds there. Adrian Carlo Bibiano, a dancer in the company, echoes him: “the performance frees up thoughts we didn’t even think we had and encourages us to look beneath the surface”.

“Nowhere But Here is the latest work of the creators. The company, which has been active since 2016 and has already won acclaim on the contemporary dance scene with its performances (g)round zero and Burnout, will appear for the first time with a larger-than-usual cast in its newest work. The company’s old-timers Marius Pinigis, Andrius Stakele and Adrian Carlo Bibiano will be joined on stage by Arūnas Mozūraitis, a recent addition to the company’s ranks, and the dancers and choreographers Mantas Stabačinskas and Vilma Pitrinaitė, who have been helping the company’s creative core to develop the performance’s ideas.

The creative team: Marius Pinigis, Adrian Carlo Bibiano, Andrius Stakelė, Arūnas Mozūraitis, Mantas Stabačinskas, Vilma Pitrinaitė, Monika Šerstabojevaitė and Aistis Lansbergas.

Information about the event


Zalgirio arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue 50, Kaunas


2022-03-20, 19:00


at 18:00 (Entrance Amphitheater 2)


~1 hour


No free admission


No free admission


Not allowed


from 13,00 EUR



Zalgirio Arena parking lot (ADC parking app), Karaliaus Mindaugo ave., Akropolis parking lot




There is a cosy Amphitheatre in Žalgirio arena that allows up to 450 visitors, and the events of your choice. Great acoustics here allows arranging different live concerts and shows, presentations and conferences, theatre events. It is also possible to organize movie nights, live sports broadcasts on the big screen. There is a great view of the beautiful nature that Nemunas Island is offering and it can become a space for a fun party or celebration; in contrast, if there is a need for darkness in the Amphitheatre the acoustic curtains can easily provide that.

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