Exhibition: Wellness Days 2024 – Day 1

The phrase that is loved and used by many that “Health is our most precious asset” acquires a special meaning only when we or our loved ones have to face health problems. And indeed, each of us should constantly take care of our most precious possessions – a healthy body and soul. The “Health Days 2024” exhibition, which nurtures and educates the values of healthy lifestyle and wellness, will invite visitors to think about taking care of their own and their family’s health on the last weekend of winter (February 23-25) at the “Žalgiris” arena in Kaunas.

The purpose of the “Health Days 2024” exhibition is to draw public attention to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and emotional health, to prioritize disease prevention, physical activity, balanced nutrition, and healthy habits. Also, the exhibition touches on another relevant topic – emotional health; tools, methods, tips on how to maintain and restore harmony not only with your body, but also with your thoughts and emotions are presented.

In the “Health Days 2024” exhibition, wellness, balanced nutrition and physical activity are understood and valued as a priority for all family members, ensuring continuous, correct daily habits that are passed on from generation to generation in the long term. For this reason, the exhibition will touch on different topics affecting human health: from from the health of pregnant women and babies, to sports, health-enhancing hobbies and activities, to rehabilitation and a changed pace of life in old age.

Topics discussed at the wellness exhibition include:

· healthy and balanced nutrition, solutions for a healthy and harmonious home environment;

· wellness communities fostering healthy lifestyle principles, health education, opportunities for meaningful volunteering;

· health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, rehabilitation, nursing services;

· medical equipment, specialized clothing, medical and orthopedic devices, vision correction solutions;

· food supplements, snacks and drinks that provide the body with useful substances;

· oncological diseases and oncology prevention;

· organic body care products, dental care products and tools;

· alternative and complementary medicine: herbal treatment, apitherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, light therapy, kinesitherapy, massages, bioenergetics, magnetotherapy and others;

· health and life insurance services for you and your family.

For more detailed information, please contact: tel. 8 37 331590 or e-mail by e-mail healthsdienos@expo.lt.

Organizer of the exhibition: UAB “Ekspozicių centras”.

Information about the event


Zalgirio Arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue 50, Kaunas


2024-02-23, 10:00

Doors open

at 10:00


8 hours


Free admission


Will be clarified in the near future

Photo and video cameras


Tickets distributor

LLC Ekspoziciju centras


3 hours free with the ADC parking app


LLC Ekspoziciju centras


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We kindly invite you to visit the restaurant SALA during the exhibition and enjoy delicious food.

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