Paroda „Esu Mama“

What does it mean to be a mom? This feeling is amazing! When you first put your baby in your hands, you understand that happiness can now be felt, embraced – it is in your hands. It’s the greatest happiness in the world.

However, it is natural that all mothers, have a lot of questions when we start maternity. Especially when you become to be a mom for a first time. When euphoria falls after the baby comes to this world, we often ask ourselves: what to do now? What’s next? What do I ask or where do I look for answers to the questions I face in my daily routine? How to be the  best mom for my babe  and how  not forget my self?

The exhibition “Esu mama” is for you, for me  and for  each of us. Here we lay down detailed information from the child’s planning to his birth, care, or development. We will take part in free seminars, discuss, share experiences and, at the same time, look for answers to all your concerns. Here we will understand that we are not alone, we are together and we are all MOMS of the capital letter!

The exhibition “Esu mama”  is for those who are planning to become parents  and those who are parents of  children up to school eternity. Together we:

  • Participate in free seminars.
  • Spend time in creative activities.
  • Meet communities, clubs, and various organizations (from birth to nursery or mothers clubs)
  • We will have the opportunity to view and purchase the most necessary items for our little ones and for the whole family fair, where not only Lithuanian but also neighboring countries will participate.
  • We engage in charitable activities.

Come , have a good time, breathe yourself into the motherhood, because there is no stronger feeling in the world than a mother’s love for the baby.

Information for the trade fair is available at:


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Zalgirio arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue 50, Kaunas


2019-09-22, 10:00 h.

Doors open

10:00 h.


5 h.


Free entrance


Free entrance


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Free entrance


Akropolis parking lot and Karaliaus Mindaugo pr.


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