Kosmosas: Natalija Bunkė

One of the brightest Lithuanian pop stars Natalija Bunke has announced an additional concert in Kaunas as part of her grandiose concert tour “Cosmos”. Today it is officially confirmed that an additional concert of Natalija Bunke’s “Kosmosas” tour will be held on 10 February next year at Zalgirio Arena in Kaunas.

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One of the most famous Lithuanian singers Natalija Bunkė today not only announced an additional tour concert in Kaunas, but also presented her latest song and music video “Kosmosas”. The celebrity has opened up – it is one of her most modern and costly works.

Natalija Bunkė says she has no regrets about her fans and her new tour under the same name “Cosmos” will be an extraordinary spectacle that will amaze everyone.

According to Natalija Bunke, her new premiere has several messages. The first is to protect and preserve nature, the second is to encourage everyone to create their own personal cosmos, an extraordinary love story that will intoxicate and create spectacular emotions, without which our lives would be grey and without colour.

“The song “Kosmosas” illustrates the tour of the biggest Lithuanian arenas. The very word “kosmosas” already describes the fact that my fans are in for a lot of excitement and surprises. And the video is about a love story – every person in love feels as if he or she is in space, and for that to happen we need to protect the earth, start with ourselves, with our own personal planet, and then we will all end up where we want and dream the most,” says the singer. “This song is for everyone who dreams. What would happen if we were really in space? Would we long for our planet? I invite everyone to immerse themselves for a moment in fantastic dreams that can become reality. I always say that nothing is impossible, it’s just a matter of daring to take the first step and then even space will be within reach.”

Natalija Bunke started preparing for this video right after her concert “Worth a Million”. According to the singer, the first chords of the song made her feel like she was in outer space, and that’s when she came up with the idea of naming her latest tour in Lithuania. For this purpose, she not only worked on her costumes with the most famous designers, but also coordinated each of her looks with the best professionals in their field.

“Even the make-up was coordinated from a distance, as I chose my make-up artist from the UK, who works with the world’s biggest stars. We commissioned an ethnocosmology centre especially for the video. The song was written by Stano, whom I trust implicitly, and the video was filmed and produced by Aurimas Sidiskis and his team,” says the singer. “I am very happy to be working with the best professionals in their field – the ones who set the trends when it comes to filming music videos for the most famous artists”.

Natalija Bunkė – „Kosmosas”:

The 4th of September is an important day for Natalija Bunke, not only because of the launch of her latest song and video, but also because today she announced an additional concert of her arena tour “Kosmosas” in Kaunas.

“Today is also an important day for me as an additional concert of the tour is announced at Zalgirio Arena in Kaunas, the largest arena in the country. This is my hometown and it would be a sin to leave my Kaunas fans without an arena concert. So on 10 February, I invite everyone to the Cosmos”, says Natalija Bunke. “The previous concert in this arena has already proved that my army of fans is huge, they are the most loyal and they really know how to celebrate life. I promise that this time everything will be on an even higher level and the new show will be one of the most memorable not only in my life, but in all of our lives. In addition, not only me, but also invited guests will appear on the stages of the big arenas in each city where the tour will take place. I don’t want to say too much about it, because the best impression is when there is at least a little mystery.”

Natalija Bunke’s concert tour “Kosmosas” promises a lot of surprises, the concerts will use the latest technologies, and show elements are being created especially for these concerts that have never been used in Lithuania before.

“These concerts are very important to me, so I try to put my fans first. After all, they are all expecting something new, something unusual, something no one has done before”, says Natalija Bunke. “I’m not afraid to take risks and I really want to create entertainment for everyone that will last a long time in their memory. I think that such concerts are a space not only to present new songs that will become hits, but also to dictate trends.”

The singer believes that Lithuanian artists try hard to surprise their fans.

“If you compare the concerts of foreign guests with the concerts we organise, you will see that Lithuanians try much harder. It’s a very big investment, but as I say, you can’t spare anything for your loyal fans,” says Natalija Bunkė.

Information about the event


Zalgirio Arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue 50, Kaunas

Date and time

2024-02-10, 20:00

Doors open

at 18:30


~3 hours


No free admission


No free admission

Photo and video cameras

Not allowed


Live Nation Lietuva, UAB


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