Amphitheater: Leon Somov & Monika Linkyte – New Year Concert

12.31 Leon Somov & Monika Linkyte – New Year Concert | Kaunas

Music producer Leon Somov and singer Monika Linkyte invite you to the brightest New Year concert in Kaunas! The exclusive performance will take place at Kaunas Zalgirio Arena amphitheatre on 31 December at 7 pm.

“Leon and I are just as similar as we are different – that’s what our concert will be about! When you’re doing so well together, you really want to let the music and the people in and invite your fans to hear it live!”, Monika enthuses. “So let’s ring in the New Year together. This will be our first concert, so no need to make any promises, and it goes without saying that it’s going to be exceptional!”

Leon Somov and Monika Linkytė will present their joint work, their latest singles “Dūšia” and “Sakai man lyk”, as well as unheard songs. Both artists have built up an impressive catalogue of well-known songs, so the special concert will feature songs that everyone loves – Monika and Leonas alike.

Leonas and Monika have a long-standing friendship and a particularly successful history of collaboration. The two musicians worked together on the singer’s previously released album, and together they recorded Monika’s hits such as “Po dangum” and “Silkas”. On 31 December, Leonas and Monika will perform together with a live band – there is no doubt that the highlights of the New Year’s Eve concert will sound new and special!

Information about the event


Zalgirio Arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue 50, Kaunas


2022-12-31, 19:00


at 18:00 (Entrance Amphitheater 2)


~1 hour 30 min.


No free admission


No free admission


Not allowed


from 21,00 EUR



Zalgirio Arena parking lot (ADC parking app)


Metų pramogos, VšĮ


There is a cosy Amphitheatre in Zalgirio Arena that allows up to 450 visitors, and the events of your choice. Great acoustics here allows arranging different live concerts and shows, presentations and conferences, theatre events. It is also possible to organize movie nights, live sports broadcasts on the big screen. There is a great view of the beautiful nature that Nemunas Island is offering and it can become a space for a fun party or celebration; in contrast, if there is a need for darkness in the Amphitheatre the acoustic curtains can easily provide that.

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