New parking system installed in Zalgirio Arena

For a while now, the barrier system being installed by Zalgirio Arena has drawn the eyes of Kaunas‘ citizens and visitors. It is set to start operating on the 19th of March, as it will undergo testing during this first week that has seen all of its events postponed.

Starting Thursday, the parking lot will be available for 3 hours of free parking during non-event times, but you will be required to have the ADC parking app installed on your smartphone and have it connected to your bank card and the vehicle‘s plate number. After three hours of free parking, every additional hour will cost 1 euro.

The system will operate slightly differently during events. The parking time will be set for three hours before the event (for example, if a EuroLeague game starts at 8 PM, it means the start of parking time is 5 PM). From that momento ne, it is a fixed price for the parking for the entirety of the event, and not hourly as it has been up until now. The parking price will vary between 3-10 euros, and will be available to purchase on the ADC parking system.

During events, people who will be using the parking lot for other means, will have an opportunity to purchase a spot or pay an hourly 2-euro fee, that will be charged 3 hours until the event. That means if a client is using a parking spot before more than 3 hours before the event and doesn’t leave in time, he will have two options – to purchase a fixed parking spot or pay 2 euros for each hour spent in the parking lot during the event.

Clients of the Impuls sports club will be allowed to enter the parking lot free of charge and without the ADC parking program, but will have to register their car’s number plates beforehand with the Impuls administration.

Guests of the offices in Zalgirio Arena and the Sala restaurant will be able to get to the parking lot with ADC parking. When planning a stay longer than 3 hours during non-event times, you should contact the company you are visiting for a parking permit.

Guests who have a movement disability will retain the opportunity to park free of charge during events, while the usual order holds for non-event days – 3 hours of free parking and entrance only using the ADC parking app, connected to a bank card.

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