Béjart Ballet LAUSANNE

Béjart Ballet Lausanne

A real sensation in the cultural fabric of Lithuania. All ballet fans have a unique opportunity to visit and see two world-famous shows in one night. Excellent combination of top-level professionalism, grace, carefully and selected music. Maurice Béjart work has changed the traditional understanding of ballet. The famous choreographer has never tried to create a ballet. He used the classic movements that were “transformed and deformed.” This one of the most famous ballet masters – dance insurgents – followed the basic principles of “beauty, energy and impression”.

The troupe of the 20th century choreography genius Maurice Béjart and known worldwide is his voice, his legs and arms, his dance philosophy. Béjart Ballet Lausanne is a rare example of a symbiosis between creator, creator and performer that has been around for over a quarter of a century.

The ballet of Maurice Béjart’s Béjart Ballet Lausanne will be moved to October 22.

Event organizer Euroshow Group announces that the planned ballet performance at Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas will take place at a new time – 22 October this year.

All previously purchased tickets to the Béjart Ballet Lausanne by Maurice Béjart will not require any special changes.

We regret the situation and hope that this change will not cause any major inconvenience to the audience.

If the new show date is inappropriate for viewers, they can return their tickets. To return your tickets, you have to until 30 June. send us the appropriate form below for a refund.

Ticket returns start on Monday (June 17).

For customers who have bought tickets at the checkout or online, please email us email: info@bilietai.lt and send a completed refund form. You can find the application here: http://www.bilietai.lt/file/id/40014

Information about the event


Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue 50, Zalgiris arena

Date and time

2019-10-22, 20:00 h.

Doors open

18:30 h.


~2:00 h.


No free admission


Not allowed


30,00 - 113,00 EUR, ticketing fee: 1,00 EUR, arena fee: 2,00 EUR, not included in the price: cloakroom fee: 1,50 EUR, item storage service: 2,00 EUR

AUDI club members

AUDI klubas members will buy tickets from 09.01 till 09.15


Akropolis parking lot and Karaliaus Mindaugo pr.


Euroshow Group OÜ


Will go



Find in arena


Arrive earlier and have a dinner at SALA restaurant in Zalgirio arena. Take a look at our menu. Please book a table by e-mail info@salarestoranas.lt or call +37061432542.

IMPORTANT: reservation is possible only if you have tickets in the 1st floor. We also accept bookings for groups of 20 persons or more, having tickets in 3rd floor.

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