You will save your precious time by avoiding long queues when buying at special ArenaPay cash outs!


You will not have to count your change! Pay easily by just swiping the card


You will not have to think about cash at all! Just top-up your ArenaPay card at home and arrive to the event ready. You will not have to carry any cash around!


2015/2016 m. abonemento kortelėje esantį „ArenaPay“ likutį galite išnaudoti atsiskaitydami „Žalgirio“ arenos renginių metu.

What is it? ArenaPay is a payment card which can be used at Zalgiris arena as a quicker, safer and easier way of paying for the food and drinks.

How does it work?

  1. The card can be acquired at the special terminals* within the arena or the staff dressed in ArenaPay clothes. There is a possibility to buy a 10, 20, and 30 Euros worth of cards and top-up whenever you like. (0.4 Eur will be charged for the activation of the card. 0.6 Eur will be a deposit for the card that you will receive when giving the card back).
  2. The card can be topped-up by – 5, 10, 20 and 50 Eur.
  3. To top-up or to check the balance in the card you can use the terminal*, ask the ArenaPay staff, or online zalgirioarena.lt/arenapay
  4. The card is valid for a year since your last use.
  5. You are able to return the card and to recieve the remaining balance at the terminals, the ArenaPay staff. There must be no less than 0.1 Eur remaining on the card.

Please get introduced to ArenaPay card terms and conditions.


Here you can pay using ArenaPay card:

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